Monday 19th of February 2018

A New Index for Evaluating Academic Performance: Hos - index

Handan Ankarali, Ozge Pasin and Seyit Ankarali

In this study, development of a new index named as Hos index recommended to eliminate h-indexs disadvantages, has been aimed. Hos index, considers all publications of scientist. It has been calculated, according to number of citations to publications, by weighting increasingly and removing the effect of publishing start date. In Hos index development, by examining number of citations, number of publications and h-index values, with the help of stratified sampling, a sample selected from 5 counties from 5 continents has been created. Number of citations and effect of publishing start date has been calculated by multiplying and adding number of publications within designated citation intervals with the highest level of percentile value. By dividing this value by the difference between the first and last publication year of scientist, performance value adjusted according to publishing start date (Hos index) has been obtained. In calculation of this index, different weightings are given to researchers all publications that are cited and uncited.

Keywords: Academic performance, h-index, Google Schooler, Web of Science, g-index, e-index

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Handan Ankarali
İstanbul Medeniyet University, Medical Faculty, Biostatistics Department

Ozge Pasin
İstanbul University, Medical Faculty, Biostatistics Department

Seyit Ankarali
İstanbul Medeniyet University, Medical Faculty, Physiology Department

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