Monday 19th of February 2018

Quality Green, EMS and lean synergies: sustainablemanufacturing within SMEs as a case point


The aim of this paper is to examine the synergies between lean, EMS and green systems, manufacturing management strategies as found in the literature, with a focus on the co-occurent implementation of these strategic initiatives, in order to develop a research agenda to guide a theoretically based future research to assist small-medium enterprise (SME) managerial decision making. An in-depth literature search unveiled drivers and conflicting points across the manufacturing strategies. Separate literature inundations have risen to address implementation issues in EMS, lean, green for manufacturing sustainability, but the relationships and possible intersections of these three has been neglected. The current research unifies the literature addressing the synergies, divergences and suggests a research agenda to address the gaps in the literature. Additionally, recommendations are provided for SMEs as well as policy makers to consider for a successful implementation of sustainability goals.

Keywords: SME ; manufacturing; system synergies

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