Monday 19th of February 2018

The Control of Information Technology in the Moroccan Parliament

Malik Motii, Alami Semma and Youssef Ait Houaich

The control of Information technology in the Moroccan Parliament is of particular importance in contributing to the performance of the organization and guaranteeing the investments spent for the proper functioning of its activities and putting effective parliamentary work efficiently good governance. However, these systems have not yet benefited from a model or approach to the exercise of this control and the implementation of its objectives, the theoretical study carried out in this research confirmed this observation. Corroborated by an empirical study based on the IT of the Moroccan Parliament, this exploration made it possible to identify the type and the level of control applied to this specific system in order to better elucidate the link between a good control and a state of Performance of an IT, and finally this study was the opportunity to propose perspectives for the resolution of this problem.

Keywords: Information technology, Moroccan Parliament, control, success, performance, ICT in Parliament.

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Malik Motii
Ph.D. student ‘The IT governance for the Moroccan Parliament’, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Faculty of Science and Technology, Hassan 1 University, Settat, Morocco. Currently an engineer specialized in networks and information systems, information technology manager networks of information systems in the house of Counselors, Moroccan parliament.

Alami Semma
Ph.D. in the Hassan the first University, Faculty of Science and Technology in Settat, Morocco. He is a qualified professor in electrical engineering.

Youssef Ait Houaich
Ph.D in the SIAD Laboratory, HASSAN 1st University, ENCG, Settat, Morocco

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