Monday 19th of February 2018

Traceability and Data Support in SME Manufacturing

Rhythm Suren Wadhwa

Appropriate description and implementation of internal part traceability in manufacturing is a complex task. Accurate and real-time traceability from a part to a manufacture, storage, or transport issue is essential to efficient and high-quality operations. With the increasing amount of machine status and product quality information coming from the manufacturing lines, a question arises. When there is a problem with the process or product quality what information can be utilized to enable effective traceability to the foundry batch lot? In this paper a systems-based approach is applied in a participating SME foundry. The literature is almost non-existing in traceability supporting foundry manufacturing and hence the novelty of this paper.

Keywords: Foundry Traceability, Foundry Automation Integration

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Rhythm Suren Wadhwa
Associate Professor

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